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Use flock to prevent cron from rerunning shell scripts

An example of using the flock(1) command to wrap shell scripts in an advisory lock.


jQuery outerHTML plugin

A small jQuery plugin to get the outerHTML content of a node or list of nodes.


Reasons I love check_mk: psperf

After rolling out openvpn across our infrastructure I need to know how it is behaving, if I can trust it for production workflows, logging, etc.


inventory_processes_perf += [
    ( ['!ping'], ALL_HOSTS, "openvpn", "/usr/sbin/openvpn", GRAB_USER, 1, 1, 1, 1),

That one line of configuration appended to inventory_process_perf[] gives us:

  • Automatic inventory …


Virtually secure with openvpn, pillars, and salt

Configure openvpn keys on the fly using salt, pillar, and a little bash.


Noticing what didn't happen with syslog, icinga, and logstash.

Our tools are pretty good at logging everything they do. None of them log anything when they croak.