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Fix automysqlbackup warnings about PERFORMANCE INFORMATION and EVENTS

Set it and forget it mysql backups. Just remember to test recovery.


Use flock to prevent cron from rerunning shell scripts

An example of using the flock(1) command to wrap shell scripts in an advisory lock.


Reasons I love check_mk: psperf

After rolling out openvpn across our infrastructure I need to know how it is behaving, if I can trust it for production workflows, logging, etc.


inventory_processes_perf += [
    ( ['!ping'], ALL_HOSTS, "openvpn", "/usr/sbin/openvpn", GRAB_USER, 1, 1, 1, 1),

That one line of configuration appended to inventory_process_perf[] gives us:

  • Automatic inventory …


Virtually secure with openvpn, pillars, and salt

Configure openvpn keys on the fly using salt, pillar, and a little bash.


Noticing what didn't happen with syslog, icinga, and logstash.

Our tools are pretty good at logging everything they do. None of them log anything when they croak.